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The Begining

Knight's Pilgrimage

Blog discussing topics on spirituality by the author of KOL

Darkness & Light

Read the Introduction. An explanation of the darkness & light allegory.

Who is the Author

Who wrote KOL and why?

What's New

There is a realm unseen more real than this world you know. For what occurs there determines our eternity. You have heard whispers of it, when you dream of what came before and what will come when all things are spent in the world. But for now the Spirit realm is hidden from our eyes.

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All our true heroes although they may sometimes act in secret and under the cover of the night, although they may have pasts which haunt them or their humanness brings them to their demise, they have all devoted themselves to driving away, evil. That which oppresses and crushes, burdens and buries, the darkness that takes away freedom and violates life. It takes all that gives us vision and hope of the future. It takes away our light. This is what our heroes fight for, the Light. In the glory of this battle they are radiant. In the light of such honour, integrity, courage, loyalty, gentleness, kindness, self-sacrifice and discipline we to will be radiant. We will be in the likeness of these heroes, these heroines, warriors, soldiers, and Knights of the Light.

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What is KOL

Knights of the Light is a story which guides us into the realm of the Spirit, to help us become true heroes.

To find true spirituality one must have an understanding of the reality which is beyond what our eyes see. We must learn to recognise Light and Darkness. We must seek to separate truth from lies. This story is my exploration of our origin, our hope and the source of the wholeness in our spiritual life. It answers questions about angels, the devil, God, Jesus Christ, light, darkness, love and the meaning of life. Knights of the Light is for those with hearts and minds, full of questions to seek what is true, create their full potential.

There is much information on the web about how to be spiritual; meditations, exercises and encouragement to become new, but how can you change your life without understanding the unseen realm that works behind the scenes. KOL seeks to make sense of the deep workings of this world, and make you a conscious warrior in this life rather than to remain part of the battle field in an unseen conflict.

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