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Knight's Pilgrimage

New Blog discussing topics on spirituality by the author of KOL

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Darkness & Light

Your hear of the Light but what is it. An explanation of the darkness & light allegory.

Prince of Darkness

Is there evidence that a ruling Lord of Evil such as Satan exists in the Spirit realm?

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The Author

The author Tim Trudgen & his wife Kama.

My motivation in writing KOL is to share my vision of our spiritual origins with others. It has come out of my short lifetime of conversation with the Source, through many question of him. He has given me what I feel is a very unique perspective on the spiritual world. I hope that this story will help other people to find the Light and to develop their own understanding through a conversation with God also. Too often we and religion seeks the Source saying “God you are like this…..” In my experience its when we say “God, I don’t care anymore, I just need you” that’s when we get a response.

It has been hard to write KOL because I know that some people from both established religion and the new inclusive spiritualities will reject it. And I risk becoming a hypocrite because I may seem to be suggesting that the words I write are pure truth. KOL is but a faint and distant reflection of truth. However, I find it exciting to write KOL because it always enlightens my understanding and helps this universe to make more sense to me.

About me

I am 27 years old from Australia with a fairly diverse background. I spent my early childhood years on an aboriginal community, eventually returning to work with the Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land as a cross-cultural consultant and trainer. Although this has become my vocation through experience, I have studied biological science majoring in ecology at university. I am married to a beautiful medical student. I actively participate in a small church. I read widely on history, fantasy, science and religion.

Motivation and Beliefs

More than anything I think that society need to realise that we all have the same Source and that He is someone that we can all have a real two way relationship with. KOL is about about sharing this experience of mine with those who desperately seek spirituality but get trapped amongst the marshes of religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Kabala or New age etc. These all have their perspectives on universal truth that say, do this or believe this way, without giving a true complete explanation of why.  I don't accept the answer, "just because" or "because is resonates" it must make sense as well as "resonate."  And it must be shown to be true by experience.

My experience is that Jesus the Saviour makes it all make sense; be it the suffering, the religious wars or just the difficulty of life in general.   I choose to follow him, the Faithful one, who is the true commander of the Light.  He gives us freedom rather than traps us like many others do.  Does this make me Christian?  Yes technically, but I have a love hate relationship with Christianity and its institutions, I love them because they contain many people who are intimate with the Source. But the institutions are also trapped in rigid traditions and limited doctrines leaving many followers of Jesus struggling to find the spiritual power that Jesus has for them now.  I want to be a Knight of the Light in this century. So I will do what ever it takes to align myself with the Light and its Source, irrespective of the sects in the Physical Realm.

I wish I could share with you a more detailed explanation of my beliefs, but that is why I am writing Knights of the Light. I will however say one more thing. I believe that from the earthly perspective people do find their way to the Source through many paths. These are never easy but in the realm of the spirit all these paths are really the same High Way home. However, some paths lead to self, not to Source, these will destroy us. Therefore stand for what you believe but always be vigilant that you are not deceived for often the things that we despise most are the very things that will eventually save us. My quest, study, conversations with the Source, and experience has lead me to believe that Jesus the Christ is the Gate Keeper of all the ways of Light. When I am following him I know the way is assured.

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