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Knight's Pilgrimage

New Blog discussing topics on spirituality by the author of KOL

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Chapter 1

Darkness & Light

Your hear of the Light but what is it. An explaination of the darkness & light allegory.

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Who wrote KOL and why?

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KOL Contents

Introduction: Darkness and Light
Chapter 1: Thus the Battle Began
  Alternative Version
Part 1: In the Before Chapter 1 V2 - Part 1
Part 2: Fallen Chapter 1 V2 - Part 2
Chapter 2: Beneath the Veil
Chapter 3: Evil
Part 1: Evil
Part 2: The Dance of Creation
Part 3: The Dark Prince
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Knight's Pilgrimage
A personal discussion by the author about spirituality in today's world
Walking the Way
A discussion on issues like those in the KOL story in a language the Christians can understand
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