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The Before V1.1

An alternative version of Chapter 1 in the throne room, where Man and Commander is envisaged as 2 brothers from the start.

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Chapter 1 continues ....

The Throne Room.

Like a throne room beyond measure and light beyond brilliance the was Source enthroned in eternity. The Father called out, “Commander Man, present yourself; for the first time you have hidden yourself from Us.”

Commander presented himself with all the forces of the Light before the Source. But now in addition to the spiritual forces of the light, in the front ranks standing behind the Commander were a multitude like a third of all the forces of the Light. They were wondrous creatures, but unlike the hosts and angels of the Light they set their eyes, not upon the Source, but upon the Commander.

The Father stood. “Come Faithful, let us do as we have said.” Faithful came down from the Father’s feet and stood to full stature before the throne. Facing the Father he lifted his hand as in worship to the Source. Then before all the heavens he turned his hands together, like he lifted an offering to the Father. A massive wave of love and light burst from the Source. It rippled across the heavens and thundered and poured into Faithful as he stood unwavered. Instantly a minute point of substance and space sprung into existence between his hands; a point of writhing liquid energy, emptiness and quantum forces. Time began. Faithful lifted the point up and placed it before it’s Source.

Comander began to simmer with rage, "What are you doing? How can You allow Faithful to Create the new realms with out me?" cried the Commander definate and confused.

The Father stood to speak his magnificence was unfathomable and Commander shrunk before him but was only shaken in his new found pride and deception.

“You have already contributed. My Son is now three and only one remains my Son. We chose this and so it must be.” the Source declared.

“What do you mean my Lord?” asked Commander Man, “I present myself in all my Glory and you disown me?”

The voice of the Source thundered in rebuke, “This was your choice, you have chosen and it pains me so. This is the way it is, it will bring us much pain much sorrow and suffering but it is the way that was chosen and thus We will show our love in greater portions then we have ever known.

But what can I do for you Commander Man. You have given birth to your own son and he is not our kind, he is not of our heritage. He is called Darkness and he has already swallowed you. If you had arrived before us in sorrow for the pride you birthed, your foundling son would have been alone. But you have offered him power. And now you seek to take the Light from Us.” The Father indicated the tiny point of the universe he now held in his hand. “See I have created a new realm of the spirit. It will be both beautiful and wondrous. But see now that it is dark. In this realm there will be both darkness and light because of what you have spawned. But it will be wondrous and beautiful because my Light will shine all the brighter against the darkness.”

The Fahter stepped down toward Man the Commander. “Do not destroy me please my Father.” Man cringed. The hand of the Source slammed against the chest of Man it seemed to go straight through. But intead of throwing Man down is sent a dark being hurtling out of Man’s back. It was the mirror image of Man. The force of the impact sent the strange new being spinning backwards untill it slamed in to a wall of light which rose up to stop the new spirit's trajectory.

“There is your Commander.” The Father declared to the ranks of false angels, pointing at the new being now standing defiantly above the heveanly hosts. Realising the nature of the new being was that of the Commander, once a portion of Man, the army Man had created arrayed themselves behind this dark twin.

The Father proceeded back to take his throne. “Your name is no longer Commander this will be given to the one who is faithful and latter to the many faithful ones. Your name is Deceiver, you are Deception, you will be the Enemy because now you hate Us and would swallow the Light. Only in the new spirit realm of this creation will you dwell.” The Father indicated the point of wondrous space and time before him. You will no longer have access to our light. You will never again enter this realm the highest heaven.”

“Ha,” Deceiver choked, “You cannot destroy me can you. My power has become great,” Indicating his throngs of worshipers and servants. “ I challenge you.”

“What is your demand?” the Father responded calmly.

“Only my inheritance, half the heavens.”

“You ask for half the heavens when you have already taken a third for yourself. Your challenge is accepted, you shall not receive from Us. And hear this; you will both see your foolishness and your self-deception at the End.”

Man crumpled before the Source, hiding his face in shame. Faithful stepped down from beside the Father to comfort him and lift him up. “Fear only that you have hurt us. Although you have brought these things on Us you at least will not be forsaken.” Spoke Faithful. He lifted Man up before the Father. “What of Man?”

The Father touched Man’s head and tears like rivers and fountains flowed from the Source. “Man is no longer of our line but has given himself to this Deception. He has tasted the hunger of self and worshiped the creations of his own soul, pride and fear, rather than that which is Life. Darkness has a portion of Man’s freedom, which was freely given. Oh how We wish that it was not this way, We would that we might strip the darkness from your eyes. But I have stripped from you that which you created in the Commander, this Darkness, it is his lover now. This darkness has been taken from you but you will suffer from this loss.

Young one your name is now Mortal Man, you will be recreated and reborn not as one but as many. You will command as you have wished there in the Mortal World. You will be tested and refined in the mist of Darkness and Light. There you will choose your path; there you will recreate that which you have lost, for better or for worse.”

Deception who was once the valiant Commander that Man had worshiped in himself interjected pointing at Man, “You have said so yourself, he is mine I have his freedom.”

The Source’s power surged and focused on the fading figure of Deception. Deception flared but his light was false it was dark in the glory of the Source. He tugged at the power of the spirits around him and sent his servants to slay the forces of the light and take their power. But the power of the Source flew down upon them like a colossal fist. Deception was thrown down by the flaming surge. It was like the Light had rejected him, he could not touch it, he could not hold it, he fell, something which till now had not been possible. Deception fell, sucked into the tiny realm of Creation. And as he fell he clutched at what he could. He pulled at the hordes Man created for him and they fell with him. He clutched at Man and gripped his ankle. “He is mine!”

The Source raged and a spirit of might lifted his sword of light and thrust it into Deception’s shoulder. But Deceptions grip was complete.

“It is as I have said. Man must be reborn and die. Mortal Man physics will be your curse and your grace. There you will work and sweat to maintain order and to live. There will be pain & death in the midst of both beauty and Joy. You Man will see all the wonder of my creation, it’s beauty and it’s power, it’s diversity and simplicity. There you will again learn to be like Us, you must seek a way to be my child again. And I will provide the way. Seek me and you will find Us.”

“Father I do not understand. Have I forgotten all that you taught me? Why must you forsake me? Forgive me!” Man cried desperately.

“You are forgiven.” The Father gently replies.

“Then why is my fate tied to Deception and Darkness?”

“Lost one, you have given part of your spirit, your allegiance, to them by obeying them. By doing what they wanted you have made yourself their servant. I can make you new but you must use the power I have given you to choose to obey the Light once more and to overcome the Deception that holds you.”

“Father… destroy him now that I may be free.”

“Mortal Man, You can not understand this until you understand how to defeat Darkness. You will only know this in the end. But know this, Commander is already no more, he was the product of the Darkness that you created, his light is consumed and only darkness remains. If We were to destroy Deception now along with his Child We would also lose you, because you are in his grip. But He will not consume you unless you let him, and you will not have to face him face to face. You will be separated from him but also from me. For We are Spirit and he is spirit but you will be Flesh, Mortal Man, the soul of my creation.”

Holding up the tiny hypersphere that was exploding before them and swallowing Deception, the Source continued, “The choices you make in the Realm of Physics will bring either Light or Darkness, love or loss. You Mortal Man will have to learn to find the truth of the Spirit Realm which will be hidden from you in your veil of matter. You will search even the hidden forces that compose this world to find it. But the fundamental truth will not be found while you look and analysis by your physical powers. You will not be alone for I will help you, when you allow me, and I will stay the Deceiver’s hand from defeating you. Find faith in your Source, Mortal Man.

Now you will be made a new creation. Eons have now passed in this world it is yours Mortal Man to command. Care for it and manage it I ask you. Spread across it and make it what you will, but know this, you cannot be your own master for you are either in my Light or in His Darkness. You will in the end be his slaves or my sons.”


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