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Chapter 1: Thus the Battle Began.

Artist representation of the SourceLong before now, and eons before then, was a time we sometime call the Beginning, and before that there was no time, no space, no matter, no physics. It was the eternal Before, before all we know began. In the time before time all there was was the Light, the light of the eternal Source. Like a manifest fire of glory with no top or bottom, no beginning and no end. Its Light dances across his eternity, in waves of endless love, joy and peace, beyond description by any man and beyond comprehension. Now we cannot assume that the Source would think like us in a progress of logic through time, for there was no time and the Source is beyond time, matter and thought. However, we must imagine from our own experience; perhaps it was more like feeling. Although the Source was complete and content in its own multiplicity and diversity, like a unity of eternal flames, the Source desired to give. It was life and love so he wanted to give life and love. It says, “We are many things so I am. I am love so We will love much.” (the Source in human tongue cannot avoid understatements and contradictions such as this. For just as an electron is both a particle and a wave at the same, so we find seeming contradiction in the spiritual world which is also beyond understanding and the common sense of this physical realm). So in the endless now of the Before, One was Many. In addition the Source brought forth two like himself. They were like a Son for Him, an image of him, and they carried their own flames of power and person like him. If it were possible to see them stand side by side none would know where the Father stopped and the Son started. They were united as one for they stood side by side, mind by mind, life by life. The Source named them, “You I name Faithful Saviour because you are first born and faithful and you will save many. You I name Man, for you are the beloved youngest and you will be many.” And so it was that They, the Son and the Father possessed eternity having no beginning and no end.

Faithful lived at the Father’s feet , seeking all unity and understanding with the Source of all things and all things to come. Faithful carried many tears as he saw what was to come. Man was dutiful and was given the forces of the heavens to command. He had spirits of power and beauty under him who he led valiantly to glorious worship of the Source. Oh what radiance and glory was born there is that endless age, when the Light sang in unison of the wonder that was the Source of all things. Love was free and unbound to caress and feed all and unity was perfect. Together they dreamed of what might be and what would be and none could stop exploring the endlessness of the dimensions of the Light.

Young Man was also a dreamer and more playful than any child today. Like a child he would dance among the wonders of the garden of the Light, feasting on all the Light had to offer. He loved Joy and crafted sprites of fun to dance with him and he took compassion and made creatures of beauty which would curl up around his feet when he rested. He took might and formed a fiery stead to bear him as he explored the vastness of the light. Nothing was held back from him. He would be found at Faithfuls side, sitting at the Fathers feet or wandering together in any of the eternal wonders of the Light. But more often Man would be found roaming single mindedly, be it, treking across the plains of glory, diving for tokens in the sea of wisdom or riding through the forest of dreams on the wings of a league of angels.

Man loved the Father and his brother Faithful, but increasing spent more of his being in his duties, in wandering and using his creative powers. He had been given the responsibility of caretaker and commander of the beings of light. Man would devote himself to the choirs, guiding their melodies, or simply frolicking with spirits of love or challenging the angels in mind and might. As was his duty and his joy he would bring all these - the Army of the Light - before their Source and offer up their love to him. The Light, standing arrayed behind Man, would shine forth through him like a celestial star. Man would dance at this time with his creations and with the spirits of the Light for joy and for the Source.

So it happened on such an occasion before the throne. Man composed a glorious dance that displayed both joy, power. The entire eternal realm was taken by its inertia and speed and vibrant passion. At its conclusion all the host of the Light cheered, “Glory be to Man, the bright Star of the Light.”

To the background of Faithful’s loud applause the Father smiled, “Your gift to me is truly awesome, you deserve such praise, my child, Commander of the hosts.”

“I am, it seems worthy, of praise?” Man thought.

When or how the seed was sown only the Source knows its true origin, but Man, Commander of the Hosts began, to ponder. He also thought of his love for Faithful, with his glory and honour, and Commander Man considered is love for the Father with his endless power and love. A quite voice spoke inside. One that Man had never heard before, “You are the very picture of the Father, you hold all the Light at your command.”

The next time that he brought the host of the eternal realms before the Source a new question began to form. What was he compared to these all these, he was not like them he was like the Father. The seed twisted from is shell.

“What am I? Do I the Commander not have great power?”

As he stands before the Father he felt the worship of the Light pour through him towards the Source of All Things, the voice asks,

“Is this your entire purpose, to glorify the Father?”

“What else is there but to revel in His delights and take joy in the Father, our very Source.” Man replied to himself.

“But look at Faithful, is he required to tend the angels and magnify their worship? Look he sits beside the Father and pleasures in your toil”

“Toil, what is that? This has always been my joy; surely there is no toil here?”

“There must me more than this. Look in yourself, you are more than this”

After his dance he left the Source' immediate presences and on his mighty stead headed to the forests of knowledge, where he wandered in contemplation.

“What do you look for my brother?” Faithful asked.

“Something new, a new way, to make things of greater wonder.” Replied Man.

“Man, your works come from the Source, there is nothing greater. More so your freedom to utilise all the forces of the Light, it brings Joy, glory and inspiration to us all.”

“Freedom? There is only duty, servitude to the Father. Where is my freedom?”

“Man, is the Commander of the Light losing his vision? You are forced to do nothing. There has been nothing between us, so we both know that you have done all things till now out of your love for your Source and the Light, our Light. Are you forgetting your joy in all things? You have always danced for joy in what you have been given.”

“Faithful, Don’t you want more?" asked Man quietly.

“Look to the future Man, more is coming.” Faithful replied confidently

“Yes, We have seen it, the Father will make something new and more wondrous with endless dimensions and forms and communities of forms and so much life and love that the choirs will sing of it for eons. The creatures there will be uncountable. But these will be the works of the Father, not mine.” responded Man turning to return to his search.

“Who have you been listening too?” Faithful quickly enquires.

“No one. I simply ask the questions…. Don’t you feel it Brother? Don’t you feel like there is something more. Like there is more…. Some where? Like you need to be more, do more.
I am more that just a child but my works are childish, nothing like the Father’s. I see the power in you too. He has given you his power, you don’t need to dance or sing or teach Arch Angels.”

“There is more than one way to give gifts to the Father. If you wait the Father will make all the wonders of the new creation you speak of, through our hands. They will be his works and ours.”

“And the Glory will go to him! What about us brother, there are none to give us glory and honour. I do not even truly command, for all the flames and spirits of the Light are Its. They are nothing but the light of his Flame, the Source. But we are more than that… I am more than that, I can feel it. I hunger to prove it too him.”

“What force are you listening to Commander, there is no hunger. You are losing you sight. You are called the Bright Star of heaven, your glory is known”

Man climbed onto the Stead of Might preparing to leave. “Should a star reflect light or shine forth its own?”

“My Brother I ask you please look away from your self go to the Father, renew you sight by looking into your Source."

But Man sped away.

As he raced away like a flaming comet across the landscape of the Light, seeking the boundaries of the eternal heavens, the voice spoke to him again.

“Why should you fear your self, Commander? Why is the Firstborn afraid? Is he afraid that you will find the power you seek.”

“I’m uncertain, is this fear? I should return to the Father I have abandoned him I barely feel his touch.”

“Perhaps this is the boundary you must break?”

“No I will return.”

“In fear and shame? The Commander of the Light looking for pity? There will be no Glory in that. You will be the fool of the heavens.”

“I have no other choice.”

“That is what They want you to think.”

“What can I do then? I must prove myself. What if they are ashamed of me?”

“They may shun you. But you need not be concerned with them. You are the Commander you hold the power of the Light in your hand.”

“But only at the Father’s will, the Light is His”

“Can you not Change that?”

Man pause to think, “Perhaps? I could make minions of my own like the hosts of the Light.”

“Yes take just some of the Light and make it into creatures of wonder like the Angels, angels of your own, loyal to you. Then you would shine with your own light.”

“Like the Source.” Man exclaimed. “But He has not sanctioned such actions.”

“Such actions Commander have never been thought before. Do as your self desires. Were you not made in the Fathers image to become like him?”

“If I don’t, I will return in shame. But I don’t know, the Father may not like it?”

“And if he doesn’t he will surely not destroy his beloved son. Truly you have no choice. Show your power or be shunned and be the Commander no more.”

Man almost whimpered, then clutched his head and screamed in frustration.

“It’s your only option, follow your desire you know it will be fun. None have ever done this.”

Man stood cringing for a short time, then he straightened up, took some Light in his hand and declared, “So be it.”

And so Man fashioned, handful by handful, many wondrous beings of variety, and power, like angels of light, a host, like a great army, to bring worship to himself. He wanted to be sure that his new glory would be clearly seen.

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