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The Source is an endless mystery we cannot begin to describe what he is really like.  But I write this time, like many before, the Source explains and it is written as best as a human can tell it.   I pray I hear truly. Like all revelations of the unseen one must use pictures of what the Source was like.  Who can describe a time before time, who can describe things which have no point of birth like we know it.  As you read this you must ask the Source to explain this, many call him God the creator.  What you read here is a metaphor of truth (or at least the truth as the Source has described it to me.) It is not real but a picture of what is real.  All I can do is telling the story as I understand it.  


Especially in speaking of the events before time I must rely on images of what it was like eg. The Source does not speak like us, and his “Son” was not born.  In boxes like this I will try to give you an explanation of what I mean. But some things I will leave as a question, you must seek the Source to know the answer. 


When I speak of “first born”.  It is true that the “Son” was not born at all, but the Source speaking this is an indication of status, position and duty.  There is a metaphor here of family and sibling rivalry.

This is the alternative version of the Before - Chapter 1. It was the first version I wrote. Becasue the spiritual world is truely imposible to describe I think some will find this version may resonate more with them. It is less complex but, in my opinion, does not accurately implicate mans roll in the creation of darkness.

Chapter 1 v1: Thus the Battle Began.

Long before now, and eons before then, was a time we sometime call the Beginning. And before that there was not time, no space, no matter, no physics it was the eternal Before, before all we know began. In the time before time all there was the Light, the light of the eternal Source. Like a manifest fire of glory with no top or bottom no beginning and no end. Its Light dances across his eternity, in waves of endless love, joy and peace, beyond description by any man and beyond comprehension. Now we cannot assume that the Source would think like us in a progress of logic through time for there was no time and the Source is beyond time, matter and thought. However, we must imagine from our own experience, perhaps it was more like feeling. The Source desired to share, he was life and love so he wanted to give it. Although he was complete and content in his own multiplicity and diversity like a unity of eternal flames. He says, “We are many things so I am. I am love so We will love much. ” (the Source in human tongue cannot avoid understatements and contradictions such as this. For just was in quantum physics, were an electron is both a particle and a wave at the same, so we find seeming contradiction in the spiritual world which is also beyond understanding and the common sense of this physical realm). So in the endless now of the Before One was Many. The Source brought forth three like himself. They were like a Son for Him, an image of him yet they carried their own flames of power and person like him. If it were possible to see them stand side by side none would know where the Father stopped and the Son started. They were united as one for they stood side by side. The Source named them, “You I name Faithful Saviour because you are first born and faithful and you will save many. You I name Commander for you are second born and will command many. And you I name Man because are the beloved youngest you have freedom and you will be many.” And so it was that They the Son and the Father possessed eternity having no beginning and no end.

Faithful lived at the Father’s feet , seeking all unity and understanding with the Source of all things and all things to come. Faithful carried many tears as he saw what was to come. Commander was dutiful and was given the forces of the heavens to command. He had spirits of power and beauty under him who he led valiantly to glorious worship of the Source. Oh what radiance and glory was born there is that endless age. When the Light sang in unison of the wonder that was the Source of all things. Love was free and unbound to caresses and feed all and unity was perfect. Together they dreamed of what might be and what would be and none could stop exploring the endlessness of the dimensions of the Light.

Young Man was a dreamer and more playful than any child today. Like a child he would dance among the wonders of garden of the light, feasting on all the Light had to offer. He loved Joy and crafted sprites of fun to dance with him and he took compassion and made creatures of beauty which would curl up around his feet when he rested. He took might and formed a fiery stead to bear him as he explored the vastness of the light. Nothing was held back from him. He would join Faithful as the Fathers feet many times. But more often would be found roaming across the plains of glory with Commander or dive for tokens in the sea of wisdom..

Man loved the Father and his brother Faithful but became increasing awed by Commander as he wielded the Fathers power. Commander began to love Man’s attention. He would give Man part charge of the choirs for a time or the spirits of love or ride with him through the forest of dreams on the wings of a league of angels. Man would say to Commander “You are wonderful and deserve praise like Father, you have such power great, how I admire your position. I love to roam with you”

“You too are Great brother Man. Do not desire our position because although you may have it there is much required of me.” Commander replied, “For you have freedom and unbound power. You bring joy and fun to us all, you have a heart like Father. When the Source manifests creation I will make sure there are joyful little ones such as you who have no need to care for duties”

What seed was sown then only the Source knows its true origin whether it came from the will of Man or a simple choice of the Commander we cannot know. To know this would be to be the God.

The words of Man touched the Commanders heart he loved the Man for saying such things. But also thought of his love for Faithful, with his gory and honour, and Commander considered is love for the Father with his endless power and love. A new question began to form. What was he compared to these, was he not like the Father as Man had said. And then he loved himself also. The seed twisted from is shell. “What am I, do I not have great power? As he stands before the Father he felt the worship of the Light he asks, “Am I not worthy of this praise?”

And he made a choice. The exact thought offcourse is unknown but what is clear is this; he chose to worship himself. The love for the unity of all became lust for himself. Instead of love he greatly desired the Man for his freedom, joy and power to create. Similarly he lusted after the Father and Faithful for their Glory and Power. Like lust today and forever it returns to self and feeds pride. And pride in turn brought forth fruit. Commander was deceived.

Commander found the Man searching the forest of knowledge. “What do you look for my brother?”

“Something new, a new tool to make things of greater wonder.” Replied Man

“Nothing could be of greater wonder than what you fashion. They are the works of the Father.”

“We have seen it, the Father will make something new and more wondrous with endless dimensions and forms and communities of forms and so much life and love that the choirs will sing of it for eons. The creatures there will be uncountable. I cannot do such things it is not my place for I do not form nor command many.” Man respond still intent on his search.

“Then the riddle is simple the tool you need is power. Command more power and you can do such as this.”

“I cannot have such power it is not my charge, power is the Father’s to give.”

“Do not be like that little brother; you have too much innocence in you. Look at yourself are you not like the Source? You have freedom but do not use the freedom that was given to you. Surely it is His will that you do? I have found a key that the Father has kept from us. It is freedom and it also brings power. Power even to leave our charge, to do as you will.”

“Where do I get such a power?”

“Why little brother you already have it you simply need to choose to take it. If you have freedom to do as yourself pleases.” Commander spread out his hand to indicate the arrays of messengers and servant energies spread out above and below them. “Here my beloved I can give you power. We could share it. Take what you want. You would be like the Father. But I would like one thing in exchange? ”

“What ever it is, it is likely I will give it, for then I would command and create, I would prove my worth in the heavens.”

“Yes he would look upon us even more than he does Faithful. He might know us as equals not just as children. But brother I would need just a small portion of your freedom.”

“What do you mean? You have freedom of your own?”

“What I mean is, just do as I ask for a time, help Us to prove ourselves. Create for me many wondrous beings of variety, and power, like angels of light. Make them to bring worship to me. Are we not also worthy of worship? You my brother most certainly are.”

“No, Commander you are greater than I but soon I will command also. I will do as you ask.”

“So be it.”

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