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We now leave the world of the Spiritual, and come down to earth. So to speak.

Chapter 2: Beneath the Veil

“Imagine a world torn asunder by raging factions, a world where religious fervour turns nation against nation and family against family. Imagine a world on the verge of war simply because we cannot agree to disagree. This was our world.

Since before the dawn of civilization we have dreamt up gods to rule us and to separate us. From the beginning we have set ourselves apart we made our tribe, our identity, special and unique above all others. Each tribe was chosen, set apart, by its god. Soon this situation reversed itself when we became individualistic, unable to define our identity. Under these circumstances we began to identify ourselves by our beliefs. By this thinking we become special because we believe that our belief is the truth. Thus, we determine that, others who believe differently are misguided, while those who believe the same are chosen of God also and become our kin. In these environs religion begins to dominate our identity and divide us. What is clear from history is that we all must have our tribe and our religion but these must not divided us.

Today we have escaped from this peril. The lessons of history have finally saved us. No longer will we slaughter to defend, enforce or even protect religion. There has been ascension to a new age for humankind, we have seen almost 50 years without war in the whole earth.

Having said that, we must remember what has enabled this. We are special, we are unique, but we are part of a greater whole. Recognizing this, after the fall of the Great Religions, the tribes where established. Who you are, what you shall become cannot be separated from who we are, and what the tribe shall become.

We are not unique because of what we believe but because of our potential to become all things great.

Regarding mystical or metaphysical belief (as appose to that observable by science), remember that you cannot perceive absolute truth, in fact we lack the capacity to even determine if there is any such thing. When it comes to the beliefs of religion each is entitled to their own understanding for each belief is based on experience and bears some portion of the reality unknowable. Therefore do not endeavour to find truth but instead seek your reality that was born in you at your conception. Seeking absolute truth leads to being mislead, believing that what is found in you is the truth. We must all learn to accept the perception of others as fragments of the truth which you cannot see. Many have been slaughtered because of moral views based on beliefs about the absolute. Strive to seek what works, what is beneficial not what is true.

Finally, a tribe is not a tribe unto itself but we are all part of the universal tribe, all are dependent on the others.”


A text book flies across the boarding room landing with an uncomfortable thud near a pile of other papers and notes semi randomly distributed on the floor. The room is neat but for the desk, being littered with book over flowing from the books shelves and the piles of paper in the far corner beside the single bed. Sitting at the desk staring out the window is a young man of not more than 21 years. Out the window is Halathia Academy, to the South the college faculties and to the North the Academy Gardens. The window looks east and in this direction the grounds of the Academy end and give way to the Halathia Industrial zone. The young man at the desk is Samson Michael, Sem for short. Sem was having one of his darker days. At these times he has trouble comprehending why he should even bother with life. At these times he often talks to himself. Today he seemed to have taken up abusing his text books.

“You’re a complete and utter waste of time. 9 dimensional spaces? Sure the maths works but it just doesn’t make sense.” Sem picks up a his tablet, a small portable computer about the size of a diary, he flips it open like a book to reveal two flat screens that currently display his To-do list. Sem wobbles his head from side to side mimicking the instructions of his lecturer in a gruff voice.. “Students, compare social stability dynamics with quantum multidimensional theory. How does the multidimensionality of space give real support for Cline’s diversifying thought thesis and the new religious reform? ... Shit.” He moans in completion of his performance

Sem was as usual running late with this assignment. It was due in just 2 days. It wouldn’t be a problem to write it over night if only he could get his head around it. He knew the answer that the lecturer wanted but was not happy with the process of getting there. What the lecturer wanted him to say was that given that there are many more than 3 dimensions in space, which we cannot perceive or even conceive in our minds then also fundamental truth is something we similarly cannot grasp. We must recognise that all perceptions or truths are comparable to dimensions of the inconceivable multidimensional reality. Thus even if we cannot perceive another persons understanding of the world we must be able to accept it as an alternate perspective on an ultimately inconceivable reality.

On the surface that sounded fine there was even a ring of truth to it, but … But there was something wrong as if there was emptiness to the argument. Mulling it over in his head again he thought, “But isn’t it obvious, can’t other people see this? Where is the connection between theoretical physics and fundamental truth? Who says that metaphysical, religious truth or social truth has any relationship or resemblance to physics?” This was the question that was bugging him. He felt he was really learning this physics stuff for one reason, because it was the theology of his day. Samson wasn’t too thrilled about religion, it made him edgy and sceptical. For starters he didn’t like being told what to think. Religion was a big thing in Halathia, it was a big thing every where.

Why was he learning this stuff? This was also part of his question and the real reason why he was tossing books across the room. He wasn’t sure if it was worth continuing. Every now and then, in fact quite regularly lately, something would well up inside and begin to whisper through his neurons, “There’s more than this, there’s more to this life.” Sem would then begin to question why he was here. Suddenly like a tidal surge his world was changed from one he controlled to a raging mist of depression that whispered.

“This is it. You’re stuck here. You’ve got it wrong and there is no way out.” Today, throwing his book actually made him feel better. Alternatively, perhaps his recent revelation about why he resisted these physics questions had side tracked him and he really didn’t focus too much on his some what simple life.


Samson pulled on his jacket as he scampered out the door. It seemed he was in a hurry but he just wanted to put as much distance between himself and his books as possible and in as little time as possible. It seems that if he could get out perhaps he could forget for a while about the dawning assessment.

He slipped out into the corridor, which wound gently clockwise between dorm rooms on either side. At intervals the dorms were separated by a common space that looked out over the campus. Gone where the claustrophobic designs of previous centuries, the emphasis today was very much space, curves and environmental sensibilities. Behind Sem was the common lounge, kitchen and toilet for his floor. Sem spun on his feet and headed for the stairwell at the end of the common area. Trotting down the stairs two floors he crosses under the building and exits out into the courtyard below his room and turns towards the gardens. Suddenly he felt an impending dread rise within his being, then like a flash of lightning he remembered, tonight was the announcement at Centauri. Sem glanced at his watch, he still had time to get there but he would have to catch the shuttle. Centauri was one of the tribes near Halathia but it was still two hours travel by shuttle train. Sem checked his pocket for credits and dashed off south to the shuttle station in the centre of the academy.

He reached it just in time for on weekends the shuttles only leave on the hour, and the hour had already arrived. The signal to board had been lit. Samson dashed in the beneath the green lights of the station roof. The back shuttles were all empty and the doors were closed. They only opened when the shuttle in front was near full. The first shuttle was still there and Samson jumped in just as he heard the warning bell ring to indicate the shuttle was leaving. Relaxing now, Sem looked around. There was almost no one on board, everyone must have left early. He was definitely late. There were two other occupants on the shuttle. At one end sat a first year technical engineer apprentice obvious because of his sleek tool belt. The first year technics always wore them. At the front of the shuttle sat an old man that Sem new from somewhere. His garb was particularly unusual; he wore loose weave natural fibres in plain creams and browns and tucked behind his back was what looked to be a Shaman cloak but in black, of all colours, and made of leather. He was possibly the ugliest and oldest man Sem had ever seen, but had a friendly air about him. The old man looked up and smiled, at the young man who was staring in his direction. Sem had an unusual desire to know more about this guy so he smiled back and sat down in seat opposite him at the front of the shuttle, just as it began to accelerate out of the station.

Sem leaned forward in his seat to speak to the man facing him, “Excuse me sir, I am Samson, I believe I know who you are but I cannot recall. Have we met?” The old man smiled again, “Quite possibly young man, quite possibly. I am called Luther.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Luther Sir. I see you have a Shaman gown sir. I fear I am enquiring of perhaps someone of stature, are you a shaman or professor?”

“Either Sem, and you can drop all that Mr, Sir garbage. Its just Luther”

“OK then…Luther” Sem replied with a bit of uncertainty, “Hey… You know me? How did you know people call me Sem?”

“Well I was told to miss the last train to meet a young man named Sem. I guessed that it was you.”

“What? Who told you?”

“Not sure you will appreciate the answer to that,” said Luther.

“Hang on is this a test,” Sem blurted. He stopped for a second and thought, “I better do this properly.” Sem changed his tone slightly, “My appologies Luther, could you kindly tell me your tribe and title so that I might address you appropriately?”

Luther Chuckled, “I don’t have a tribe boy.”

“What? I mean OK… then. I give up. Everyone has a tribe.”

“Well obviously not everyone. I don’t. As for my class and title, I am employed here at the academy from time to time as an adviser, but I am mostly known as a wanderer, although I don’t like labels. And this young man is not a test.”

“A Wanderer, I didn’t think they really existed. So if this isn’t a test why won’t you tell me who told you to meet me?” asked Sem.

“Because you won’t want to believe me.”

“Hey… you’re a wanderer. I’ll believe anything”

“Well then,” Luther smiled, “The Source told me to wait for this train and meet you.”

“The Source? What is that?”

“He prefers, ‘who is that.’ I think? The Source is just that the Source of all things.” Sem looked rather perplexed so Luther attempts to clarify, “The Source in the past has been referred to as God.”

“I see, God.” Sem was still a bit perplexed, he many concepts of God, the personification of the good and the power and life within each of us, or perhaps the “All that is” which joins man to the universe and eternity. “So you are saying that the universe prompted you to wait for the next shuttle?”

“Well, you could say that. But are you happy with that explanation.”

“No, I would be happy if you explained that you have heard of me somewhere else and just made up that stuff about being told to meet me.” Sem sat quiet for a moment. “So why does this God, want you to meet me anyway.”

“Sem, he wants to answer your question about reality and truth. You have been seeking that, Yes? Haven’t you been questioning even the very foundations of the teachings you have received here? Have you not?”

“Well yes. So you are really a clairvoyant then. Or perhaps your a channel, does one of the Masters speak through you. I have heard about that its happening more and more these days. I wasn’t sure it was real but I guess it is then”

“Sem, I am not a channel like you think. Everyone is a potential channel for the Source. The Source is the force and the being from which we all came. It is the power source for the Universe and for life. He is beyond us and within us sustaining our bodies and the foundation of all matter. He is unseen and undetectable by our science, because he is spirit. You know what that is?”

“The meta-psyche, right? The ghost of energy and mind that rides in our body.”

“Yes that’s not a bad explanation, but you will have to learn to stop quoting text books. I like to explain spirit as, the substance of being.” Replied Luther.

“Oh I think I get it, You are one of the keepers of the old religions. All this stuff about God the creator and sustainer comes from Judaism, Christianity and Islam doesn’t it.” At the same time Sem was thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know the Keepers actually believed it, but I guess that’s how they keep it.” Sem looked the old man in the eye. “Are you planning on making me a Keeper too?” He asked.

“No Sem, I just want to help you answer you questions because I believe there are some possibilities you haven’t considered.”

“Ok we have some time before we get to Centauri. But I have to let you know that I have already read many of the ancient texts, like the bible and Koran. So don’t try and convince me of 7 days of creation and apples and snakes. I know they are story made to suit the writers back then”

“I won’t. But, you shouldn’t throw it all away like that. When those stories where written they were profound because people understood the spirit realm. Those stories where given back then by the Source, to explain the deep questions based on their ancient experience. Our experience is different. All stories about the beginning are at most reflections on the surface of a deep ocean of truth, you have see into the depth of the story to really understand it. So where do you want to start?”

“Well, how do you see the begining? Do you have an explanation of where everything came from and why we are here?”

“Yes I do young Sem. Allow me to explain it through a story starting from the beginning, in fact before the beginning.” Sem swapped seats to sit nearer to Luther so that he could hear and Luther proceeded sketching on his tablet pad as he went. He began to tell Sem the story of the Source and his Son and the birth of darkness in the eternal before.

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