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After hearing the story of the Before (See Chapter 1) about the Source and the birth of Darkness, Sem continues to enquire of Luther.

Chapter 3: Evil

“Its an intriguing story that definitely has some ring of truth to it. But it seems that it presumes a couple of things. Of course you probably have your reasons for believing that they are true." Sem stated conclusively to the old man sitting in front of him.

"That I do young gun, and to you what I believe is irrelevant until you know my reasons and can judge according to the perspective and experience your Source has gifted you." Replied the old man, "Does something in particular bother you?"

"The story is designed to explain a conflict between the Light and what you call Darkness and more strangely to me a commander of darkness obviously akin to the outdated character, the Devil. What makes you think that this Deceiver and this evil dark force is real. In Halathia they teach that there is no evil force and there is definitely no devil being?”

“Sem, first you should tell me why it should not be true that there is an Enemy against the Source.”

“Well, firstly there is no need to believe in a prince of darkness to explain evil in this world. Men do things which hurt themselves and others out of selfishness. That is why the tribe system work so well because it forces us to think of others.”

“So do evil things still happen in our tribal society?”

“Yes of course they do, people can’t help thinking about themselves, we all see ourselves as more important than others. Only when we can put that aside are we really able to do good.”

“So the question that now must be asked is this, “Why is evil expected of mankind. You say people can’t help thinking about themselves. But what you mean is that it seems that generally we choose selfishness over sacrifice. And as you described it, its “obvious” that we should. Humans have a tendency for evil, Why?”

“What you saying is that some demon whispers in my ear, ‘Hate that person, ’ or ‘ steal that money’ and I listen. And because it nags me enough I do it. That is just not an acceptable explanation. Humans have a tendency to do evil because we are human, it is our nature, our animal nature. We are designed to protect self for our own survival and the survival of our genes, that’s how animals work, with out it there would be no evolution.”

“Yes self preservation is part of it. Yet evolution is really about selfish genes not selfish animals, evolution usually encourages sacrifice which benefits the species as much as aggressive selfishness. We can see this in the development of sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction exists because it allow a gene to interact with a greater variety of other genes so if something changes in the system there is more chance that a combination of genes containing our selfish little gene survives. The gene is still acting selfishly but the outcome is non-selfish helping the species survive and change, but at the expense of much energy and risk of death, sexual reproduction is a risky enterprise for individuals.”

“Anyway genes aren’t really selfish, they don’t choose, but the end result is still to encourage the protection of self whether that self identity be individual or species .”

“Or perhaps that self may even be habitat or ecosystem or biosystem… Life itself. Where does it stop being selfish. If selfishness truly ruled nature there would be no compromise and yet the biosystem of this planet is a delicate balance of close interactions that don’t destroy each other but prop each other up.

Sem stopped a moment to consider this, “I think I see what you mean? Life does seem to somehow sustain life. Like at the beginning of life on earth. The first organisms as they multiplied in the oceans they made massive changes to the make up of this planet, like changing the atmosphere, filling it with oxygen, which created an ozone layer. The ozone layer shielded the planet, which meant life could come to the surface of the oceans and eventually this meant land plants could helped produce more clouds and rain lowering global temperatures. All these changes suited life. I learnt about this at school it is quite amazing, I have never before realized the dramatic contrast between this and the seeming selfishness of genes and individuals. ”

“The nature of Life is to protect and to sustain life, so what seems initially to be selfishness becomes communion, even symbiosis, which is non-selfish. Yet in humans even though we are self aware and able to reason and choose the best action, there is a tendency for true selfishness. For we knowingly threaten the very existence of life, we have at times destroyed ourselves and have tipped the balance of life out of personal greed. No other creature on this planet works to obtain more than it needs for itself, and uses its resources to depletion, and seeks to actively eliminate competitors”

“Ok, so there is no reason in nature for us to be so selfish .”

“So you have accepted that evil is not the result of random activity or simply that of natural processes.”

“I guess so. Thinking about it this way there should be no way that we would allow ourselves to dominate and threaten the planet or each other in the way that we do. Really we should be cooperating to find the solutions that benefit everyone.”

“Now, Secondly you must recognise the tendency for evil is the result of a dark force one of the 3 things that govern evolution and other physical processes in the physical realm, the one we call God, and humans and this prince of darkness as you have named him.

“Humans govern evolution, you may have lost it old man you’ve dropped the ball on this one, that’s not possible.” Sem, teased.

“Slow down young soul, let me take you a step further into our beginnings before we go on down this path. Let us go back to the beginning and to the spirit realms. And remember the things I tell you about these realms are images, shadows of the unseen truth, like reflections on misted glass. Also remember this, the spirit realm is wholly other than… the physical; here and there are of no consequence and time is of no great concern.

Did you know that a photon particle travelling at the speed of light, as far as itself is concern, actually exists on both sides of the universe at the same time? Because at the speed of light time and space is irrelevant. Now if that is true of physical light, what might the spirit be like, that which is the true Light. Remember that!”

Sem sat quietly for a time looking out at the sun, partly obscured. From its source radiated beams of light, streaking to the earth. Separated into radiant shafts by the cloud cover, it looked like they formed a firm link between the sun and the earth its satellite. The beams now made their presence felt as the warmth on his garments and joined him to it also. He imagined that in a sense our little sun touched all parts of this Universe, even though, from our time its beams were too young too have reached the edge of an impossibly large universe.

“Your ready for the story then its seems?”

“Yes .. yes, please.” Sem replied awaking form his day dream.

“Well, then.

The Deceiver has been cast into the created realms, but he still has a hold on Man, gripping to his “ankle”. But while waiting for Man to become his, Deception explores his new realm. He marvels at this new creation of the physical where there is length and breadth and depth... and time. Here things are measurable but infinitely complex for their foundation is the Source himself. This new world meshes with the spirit realms so tightly that a ripple in space sends waves through the spiritual fabric. Not a speck of matter goes unnoticed to those in the unseen realms. So the Deceiver measured its workings it processes it wonders and its laws. But he had no power there, for the Spirit of the Source protected every molecule from his hand. However, the Source did not create a world wholly of His Light; He left pockets of emptiness in everyplace. Into these places the Deceiver’s Darkness poured. In fact as Deceiver looked on, what he saw was not a luminous mass but a web of interconnecting points and swirling tiddles in an ocean of Darkness.”

“Do you mean stars and the galaxies in space?” Sem enquired

“Very much like that. What you see in the night sky is not too dissimilar to what you see on an atomic level. Most of it is space, emptiness, and even at the level of the quantum as you being to enter the unmeasurable this remains true. The universe is made up of masses of energy, unimaginable, but it is folded and wrapped around emptiness the realm of Darkness. For do not think of Darkness as evil, for the darkness is something worse, the darkness is the soul of emptiness. An emptiness that hungers for life for the expression of wholeness, it is the only thing that is truly dead in eternity. Evil is found only in the expression of its desires, in the gratification of its seductions.

Now… All this Darkness pleased the Deceiver very much for, the darkness had become his kingdom, his power. He could say that most of creation was his but he could not touch the Light, the energy of the Source that gave it wholeness. So he looked on at what the Source created bit by bit over ages and eons. Like a wondrous dance it started with violent explosive force and then slowed, particles, molecules formed and then gases cooled and clumped pulled together into symphony by the forces spawned at the beginning. Suns and Planets formed and cooled, taking on their characteristic costumes and dance steps through the stage of space. Suddenly as the great celestial rhythm had reached a grandeur, the dance changed. An awe inspiring event rocked the spirit realms of creation, like a spark igniting a flame or lighting taking flight across the realms, the focus of the performance had changed. The Source had conducted the dance to this point for this purpose; all things had come together on a little planet on the edge of the stage to bring a few molecules together into a new dance that took on the impulse of its creator. Their dance was electric, it animated, these molecules reproduced themselves, creating new and different forms, dancing is step with the Creator’s hand they used the energies and molecules around them as building blocks to join in their dance. Life was born in a world made of earth, molecules and elements, mere wondrous allusions of reality; only emptiness and Light. Here was the true reality of this world, a world capable of producing life, new beings operating with out the Creator’s guidance, but although these new beings danced with their own breath, they had no identity apart from the Source they could not see self only Source. Although their will grew within them, as they diversified and grew in physical and spiritual complexity, they were without power to create their own dance.

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