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Chapter 3 continues......the dance of creation.

Evolution is a dance, a dance of life, conducted by what we call chance, the baton of the Maker, who is the Source of the Light the energy of all things. The dance was now speeding up again. Life took over the spiritual stage, all the rest a mighty backdrop to the central performance that was speeding to a new climax.

While this dance of creation progressed Deception still held his grip on Man in the eternal realms. From what he knew and saw of this world, once Man was finally was expelled from the eternal heavens Man would be subject to him here for he had Man's freedom and his grip on Man. The Light would not keep Deception away from his prize. And then Man would eventually be wholly his, his talents, and his power. Then, the Deceiver felt, he could break from his cage.”

“OK, Hold on, stop there for a sec’. There is something here that’s not right.” Sem interjected.


“Deception has no access no control over the physical realms. That means there was no evil which means no suffering, thus no death or pain. So how is evolution possible? Nothing would die, there would be no room for change everything would grind to a happy status quo and the “dance” would be over.”

“Insightful, yes. However, you definition of evil is a simplification. Mankind has often flip- flopped between extremes in this matter. Many modern thinkers base their ethics on suffering, seeing all suffering as degrees of evil, while on the other hand Buddha argued that suffering was an illusion and there truly was no evil. But you must seek truth down the narrow path that lies somewhere between these to extremes. Truth in this realm often is a hidden middle path, and here’s why.

Do you remember that the Source said this created realm would be made of Darkness and Light?”

“Yes” Sem winced, wondering what the old man was getting at.

“The Father was not about to create simply a play ground for Mortal man. Humankind would be required to face, recognise and come to truly understand, Darkness and Light. He, or more correctly, We needed to learn the difference between being a child of the Source or a servant of Darkness. That is to be Good or Evil. These are the ultimate 2 choices we have in the spiritual realm. But here on earth it is different. Suffering is an aspect or manifestation of Darkness, which is in the emptiness that the Creator built into this universe.”

“God created evil in the world”

“No, Darkness is not evil but simply the lack of Light. The Father used this emptiness, birthed by the self deception of Man, in the fabric of the created realms. Darkness even without the influence of the Deceiver, manifests as suffering, in the natural order of things. Pain and the emptiness we often feel is also a result of that. These things in themselves are not evil. They just are. These things that 'just are' we often call nature. It is natural for the lion to slay the gazelle or even the human. That lion does not do evil it is acting as it was created. By the Light the lion has wisdom, strength and authority in his domain, but because of the emptiness it hungers and must eat, by darkness it desires dominion and dominates the pride. The lion however cannot perceive this for it is simply Life, a spirit being, without the Fire of person, freedom and choice… free will if you like.”

Sem, perplexed and slightly angry at what this explanation asserted, responded, “So, its not evil for the child to starve or be forced into slavery. And all religions say it is wrong to murder.”

“It’s not wrong to starve, to hurt or even to die. Evil is not these things. These things they just are, but they are often the consequence of evil. It is wrong to starve someone else. Evil is in wilfully choosing to fulfil the desires that come from the darkness to the expense of others. By expense I mean this, taking Light or life, freedom or free will, from another human. Evil takes the Life Fire from others. If you gorge yourself on food filling your desires so that the child starves, you take from the child’s energy and life, as well as it’s ability to choose to fill it’s own hunger. The consequence of this is that the emptiness increases in the child as its hunger grows. You force darkness upon its being, and that darkness will try to feed on the child’s light, until it’s light goes out. This is evil. By doing this one agrees with Darkness and denies the Light… our Source.”

Sem, nodded. He felt a twinge of resentment that this man had so simply defeated his argument. He recognised it as a hunger for recognition and tried to suppress it.

“ Sem, don’t feel you are foolish in your questions. You are a wise young man the logic of your questions are impeccable. As time goes you will find that your questions get answered and you will be taught many things. I was old before I sought the truth you seek now. But the Source has been kind to me, because he showed me that through my many trials he has already taught me the answers”

His hunger fed, Sem nodded again, this time with a smile. “Let’s get back to the story old man.”

“Yes… Now, in the eternal throne room the Father sat on the throne with his hand on Mans head. Faithful knelt beside Man encouraging him.

‘Now you will be made new a creation. Eons have now passed in this world it is yours Mortal Man to command. Care for it and manage it I ask you. Spread across it and make it what you will, but know this, you cannot be your own master for you are either in my Light or in Deception’s Darkness. You will in the end be his slaves or my sons. Are you ready Mortal man?’ The Source concluded.

‘If I must, if it is the only way’

‘It is, it is the course We have chosen.’

Man bowed its head further under the power of the Source. Man’s spiritual form quivered and collapsed and faded as to death. Deception felt this, and fear rose inside him. ‘The Source has destroyed Man, I will be trapped here, that’s not right it can’t be right. HE said He wouldn’t destroy Man.” Deception raged. He gripped harder at Man’s heel but its form faded and burst in his hand and millions of pieces like powder slipped through his fingers.

In the throne room Man’s form had faded but then in an instant it burst forth with light like a new star suddenly burning into existence, and then, exploded into billions of bright sparks each like Man but new. Like a new born child and like a baby in the womb each slept in innocence awaiting their moment to awake.

In the Created Realms the strongest dancers now just a few ages later where the primates, possum like creatures with mental might, inventiveness and mischievous like children. The Source’ hand rested on one species in particular this one would be the focus now as it’s populations split and diversified down two lines of new creatures one line overshadowing the others as its mental and spiritual capacity grew. One ape inparticular became a skilled hunter, but naked and vulnerable the creature relied on its cunning to survive. It had great spirit but no reason, great emotion but little purpose except the dance it must live out day to day. Knowledge but no wisdom. Life but no choice. The dance at this point was perfect but for this creature, somehow incomplete as if falling out of time. But right on this que the dance changed for new lights descended from the eternal spirit realms, falling on the naked apes below.

The Father scooped up the child lights of Man cradling them in his arms. He handed them into the care of a beautiful motherly spirit one of his greatest angels. And the Source held them until the que was given and then a few where chosen and scattered into the dance of the created realms.

The Sons of Man alighted upon the great apes. One male then a female and then another male and a female each as the Father had chosen for them. Each of them self aware, self conscious and full of the character of their creator, full of Life, Light and Fire. All were capable of love, joy, wisdom, faith and self aware choice.

Now the situation had changed for Man was no longer in the Grip of the Deceiver. Man’s seed had fallen into the physical realms and were completely free. The Mortal Mankind had been given this realm by the words of the Source , commissioning them to mange it and care for it. It was no longer solely the will of the Source which determined the dance of the created realms. The Father had given his fallen son, spiritual and physical dominion over this world.

But Deception saw this and was glad. Not that he had lost his grip or that Mankind had been a new freedom but he saw a new opportunity. The Deceiver could feel the new boundaries that had been opened to him. He still had a right of access to Mankind for even though he was again innocent the imprint of the commander was still part of Mankind’s identity. The new man was still able to commune with the source but he was also not able to ignore the darkness. The members of mankind were still spirit beings but committed to bodies formed of darkness and light. The Deceiver had access to Mans spirit just like the Light. If he could fool just one human into obeying him, rather than the Source, the ripple in the spirit realm would be enormous. He could then influence the physical through this human and take new converts to his cause he could make their authority his own. Gradually the spiritual and physical realms of creation would fall to him the Prince of Darkness.”

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