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Chapter 3 continues .... Announcement

Sem and Luther's discusssion is cut short by their arrival at Centuri Stadium, where the crowd awaits the announcement.

The shuttle begins to slow, Sem looks across at Luther and shrugs, "I guess we will have to discuss this another time. I'm sure we're late and have probably missed the announcement by now."

"Don't worry," Luther smiled back, "We will have missed nothing of importance. I'm sure we will talk again young man." They both stood up and made their way to the shuttle door as it drew to a halt.

"See you later Luther, I look forward to arguing with you again some time," Said Sem. Luther raised his hand in a goodbye and began to slip his arms into is black leather cloak. Sem was already running toward the massive stadium just 200m way from the shuttle station. He could already hear the loud speakers. I hope I'm in time for the main bit he thought.

Two large spotlights now swung down from the high platform to the lower viewing platform were Shaman David Rushmore stood. He stepped forward to the rail boldly and looked up at the crowd in the stadium stands opposite him. His image flashed up on the huge screen at the top of the observation decks behind him. Looking up, "I thank the beautiful Chief Linda Sueox Centuri for her introduction and the praise she gives to my Tribe. But it must be said that although Halathia has been honoured in providing some of the more glamorous gifts to this vision, every single tribe has played a significant role. In fact, regardless of any new endeavour we undertake from this point, this is our true achievement, to have worked together as one.” He gazed up intensely into the crowd and raised his hands is a gesture of praise. “And our achievement is grand. Welcome to the great new age of humankind. For today you will see the greatness of our future and our potential, you will see what we have become. ”

As the crowd cheered his bold words, in one swift movement David swung his feet up and over the rail, his cloak flying out behind him over the 3 m drop. He landed firmly and smoothly, like a super hero coming to rest. Without loosing a step, he marched on towards centre stage, riding the anticipation of the crowd.

“What we have discovered my friends is the key to the secret that has kept us captive since our infancy as a species. Perhaps you are expecting a grand machine, a new power source, a star ship or the fountain of eternal life. What we now have gives us the potential for all of this and more.” The Shaman of Halathia continued his walk across the stainless stadium floor. A smile crosses David’s face as he embraces in his mind the moment and plans his next movement for the greatest effect. This is his moment too, he thinks, he will awe this crowd. This deserves to be a moment to remember. He checks that his fingers still rest on the podium controls. As he reaches the podium it begins to rise and he leaps up onto it raising his hands high as if to say ‘look here it is’. Behind him a lazer projection creates a three-dimensional golden sphere, which grows, and as it fills the stadium it shrinks down to a single point and the birth of the universe plays out before everyone. At this point you could forgive the awe struck crowd for wondering if they had all gathered here for the unveiling of this new state of the art theatre system.

David again called for their attention, “My Friends, the awesome display you see before you is the first technological outcome of ‘the Code’; the discovery we are here to unveil. As quantum science took us back in time and down into the intimate and very fundamental laws of matter and energy, we began to reach a point where we could go no further. But through the true cooperation of human minds, that could only ever be achieved amongst the tribes, we have gone further still. In the beginning we have know that the universe was spawned in a huge explosion. Not just of matter but also of space at that instance every thing was set in place. The images you have seen before you in splendid dimension are the very birth of time, space and the laws that govern our existence. You now see the wonders of this universe the birth of stars, planets and solar systems, and the seeds of life. But what is it, my friends that animates it all? What brought about its birth? What force unites it and binds its laws together and set it in motion?”

“This day, together, having shed the influences of religion we have discovered the super force. By our own hands we have written down its secrets.” Scrolling across the lazer projection behind him was blue text listing page after page of mathematical formal. Many of you who are versed in the knowledge of metaphysics will see some of the wonder and innovation in the code behind me that unlocks the key. “The code” the “source code of creation” over a hundred pages, mathematically describes the nature of the animating force, the foundation stone of our entire existence. The key and summary of “the code” is this short and wondrous phrase.” Shaman Rushmore pauses here for more dramatic effect as in bold glowing letters, a single mathematical phrase, rises up out of the floor and floats steadfastly up behind the figure of the shaman. The Equation is infused with Greek letters and mathematic symbols, but one stands out as recognisable to all even to the technicians, traders and home mothers.......

“This, my friends, is the solution that we have been waiting for. Constantly we have come up against the infinite; we find this in the singularity from which the universe was born. We find it in the foaming quantum background of a vacuum. We have seen infinity as a problem, something that had to be resolved or cancelled out of the laws of physics. But what we did not recognise was that it is in fact the solution, the key to the super force itself. This universe was not born out of nothing but it was born out of infinity. And once we embraced it, infinity, the ultimate reality, is now our friend.”

David stopped his Glorious declaration for a moment, pausing for breath. He gazed around at the crowed and turned to view the quotient floating behind him. He continued in a lower and natural voice, “The hows and whys will be released tomorrow, no doubt in every broadcast and internet feed. You will begin to understand more the significant of this. But as Shaman of the tribal council I must also speak to you about the spiritual significance of this. It will be easy for this to divide us and throw us again into the turmoils of religion from which we have escaped. So listen carefully. The infinite is not something that the human mind can fully comprehend even though we can now solve it in mathematical formula. We have always known that we are more than just mortal beings; that we bear our souls and spirits on into eternity. Infinity is at the very heart of who we are, our souls are tied up in it. We have heard it promised in all the religions that although this world is finite and will pass, there are worlds beyond worlds that will come after this and we will become a new creation. The dawning of our new age of spiritual freedom at the formation of the tribes was the first step along that path. But our ascension is still to come. Our planet is waiting to become new, to shed the scars of greed hatred and arrogance that has hurt her so. With the code as our key we now have the opportunity through technology and enlightenment to eventually transcend this dimension of existence as one, becoming more than mere humans. We will become lords just as the ascended masters that have gone before us. We will move towards oneness with the infinity that we now embrace. Now listen, my Friends, some will call this infinity, God, some will say that this proves that God does not exist. But neither are true and neither are lies. For the infinity is real but wholly unlike the existence we know, it is before, after and in everything, we are its children, but now we are also it’s Lords, as was our destiny. As we embrace the infinite realms we embrace the God within and the God in all. This is a truth that does not divide us but makes us one. As the masters have always told us we are the All That Is. Do not dispute over theology; do not make Gods for yourselves as the ancients did. Live as enlightened ones recognising the knowledge that you have been give and acknowledging truth that has been gleaned by another. Let us continue to walk together as one.”

From holy silence a roar went up from the crowd. David smiled broadly and lowering his up raised fist, joined in the cheers of the crowd with loud clapping. He began to lower his podium and the entertainment began to file out into the stadium. As the roar subsided, much of the crowd began to move off, including our Samson Michael, eager to beat the rush to the shuttles. As he moved off through the crowd he noticed a tall figure in black standing beside officials from Centuri and the pretty Trisady whom Sem knew as an exchange student in his philosophy classes.

“And the mystery continues,” Sem whispers to himself wondering what in infinity old Luther was doing down there. He smiled at his own unnecessary abuse of the “I” word and continued home.

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