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These two great dynamics are at work around us continually. I am not talking about the light and lack of light that we might learn about in physics class. However the physical elements (in the non-scientific sense), the light of the day and the darkness of the night, are near perfect pictures of these to forces which I am describing. These forces are at work around us, through us and in us. These forces are active in our lives minds hearts and souls, in our friends and enemies and in the world at large. We can feel them if we practice, our souls respond to them. This is the battle ground and this is the unseen conflict that decides our fate, the fate of individuals, of nations and the universe. What occurs in the physical world, the world we see is a manifestation and a direct outcome of the battle of these unseen forces.


Light is all that flows from the Source. The Source gives energy and life to all that lives. And as all things that are matter are also made of energy this too has its origin in the Source and its the Light. But Light is also the energy of our souls and our spirits. We thrive on this energy which we call peace, hope, joy, kindness; all that is good and all that is love. Sometimes people who have a special gift can see this force or energy radiant from our bodies, sometime Knights of the Light glow so much that for a time everyone can see it. The Light creates light and life; it kindles in each of us a fire of our own, like the Source itself, a divine personal power source, a life fire. You can feel it. It is your spirit, the renewable energy that says I am alive and links your to all other life. This is characteristic of the Light as it does not seek to possess but to give. The light also reveals, that is why it might also called truth. Do you look for the lost in the dark; no you take a light to look for that thing lost in dim places. In the same way light brings Truth. Your soul is the seed of being from which your person radiates, the inner workings of feeling thoughts and emotions. The soul can both feed and feed from your life fire. The Soul, although it has its source in the Light, has a choice, it can give itself to the light and feed the Spirit fire or it can become darkness a black hole which devours energy first from its own life fire then, when this is all but extinguished, from the souls of those around us.


The true glory of the Light is most easily seen in comparison to the Darkness; just as a candle shows its beauty more when lit in the night. Darkness is the parasitic opposite of the light, it is a twisted emptiness. It creates nothing and gives nothing. Its origin is difficult to determine exactly but we will consider this more latter. Because the Darkness has no power to create life fire to obtain energy it must take it. We are that battle ground because MAN (human kind) are the possessor of the life fires. Darkness is selfish, were ever there is a corner that the light does not reach it possesses it and grows. The Darkness is fuelled by greed to possess all power for it hates the Source and wants to extinguish it, for in the Light the Darkness is nothingness thus its motive is to possess all. The Darkness has few tools that are used to corner us and trap us but they are powerful. We call these dark tools deceit. The Darkness lies, just as night hides away dangers, what it offers may look like light, truth, life, health, pleasure, knowledge, power, energy or even love but it is all deceit. As we feed on what the darkness offers it enters in gains access to our mind and then our emotions, bringing darkness which we call hate, fear and pride. With these the dark force weaves a trap of deceit as it then begins to work on our life fire twisting it to produce a parasite to suck life from others. Thus we too become the Darkness. And in this darkness we are completely deceived we do not know we are in the dark. Those things that the darkness first offered us although they have failed us still seem good. We find fault and condemn ourselves or others for the failure of such false gifts. We become pawns and slave of the Darkness in the Battle unseen.

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