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You've heard of the Light but what is it. An explanation of the darkness & light allegory.

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Mercy, grace, justice, forgiveness, honour, selflessness and ceaseless love, is this what is required of us? Impossible! Is there no way we can succeed? Some say our Commander and King has succeeded on our behalf. He has made our failure into his greatest success. For each of us, who are all without honour, he has made honourable and worthy to be knights at his table, able to dine with him, to be privy to his plans, to act in his service and to receive glory in his victory.

For many a generation of young men and not a few young women there has been a to be a desire to discard the creature features of our lives and prove oneself as a being of honour, integrity, courage and purpose. In this way we imagine that we could be so much more than what we are. We would be something more than just vain apes. We would fulfil the true identity of mankind. In our inner most beings we all want to be this true MAN. In our minds we even dare to think he is something close to being a god. If we could be all that was possible for a human to be, if we could be this MAN-GOD, in this glory we are radiant.

This ultimate MAN is seen in the legends of our past, it is projected on our heroes of today, and the super-heroes of our myths are positively bursting with man-godness. They are virtually undefeatable, yet they face trials that bring them to the point of death. They are incorruptible, yet tempted to exhaustion. They may be misunderstood, but have a passion for those weaker than themselves and are much loved. They risk their lives for the fate of others. They avoid public attention and praise, yet receive much glory. When I hear the stories of the great feats and the outstanding characters of these men, shivers run through my spine and there is a rush of endorphin as I imagine that I could be like that. These men are our heroes and heroines, warriors, matriarchs and leaders of legend and myth; our Hercules, Supermen, and King Arthurs; our Jedi knights, Joan of Archs, Loan Rangers; our Gandalfs, King Davids and Robin Hoods. They seem the men that we could only dreams to be

So what is it that these men have that is so desirable? Characteristically they are all physically strong or super naturally skilled and intelligent. However, this is not what we most admire. I think that these aspects of super humans are a physical metaphor of the power of the beings within. We know we cannot have the strengths or gifts that are attributed to these men and women through the development of legend. But some how we think we can be like them. We believe we can have their strength of character. We believe that we can possess that which makes men heroes rather than animals; honour, integrity, bravery and courage, gentleness but firmness in discipline, and self-sacrificing loyalty and love. Such men are not wimps but Knights. They are men that have their lives together, they have focus and direction. They strive for what is good and are determined to defeat evil and the forces of darkness. We have heard this drill before. But it is true. All our true heroes although they may sometimes act in secret and in the cover of the night, although they may have pasts which haunt them or their humanness brings them to their demise, they have devoted themselves to driving away, evil. That which oppresses and crushes, burdens and buries, the darkness that takes away freedom and violates life. It takes all that gives us vision and hope of the future. It takes away our light. This is what our heroes fight for, the Light. In this glory they are radiant. In the light of such honour, integrity, courage, loyalty, gentleness, kindness, self-sacrifice and discipline we to will be radiant. We will be in the likeness of these "MEN, these warriors, heroines, soldiers, and Knights of the Light.

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