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Knight's Pilgrimage

New Blog discussing topics on spirituality by the author of KOL

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Chapter 1

Darkness & Light

Your hear of the Light but what is it. An explaination of the darkness & light allegory.

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Religion - General

Through a Glass Darkly
An online novel about the discovery of a common reality behind the great religions of the world including a comparison and reconciliation of theism and mysticism, Christianity and Buddhism, Traditional Worship and meditation. It is written from a christian perspective and leads the reader through an analysis of the personal and impersonal nature of "Ultimate Reality". A very interesting read.
A huge site that is very interesting it covers the whole spectrum of religions out there. The site in general has a good balance of views and is very informative but Cassiel's personal views, particularly on Christianity come through quite strongly. However, he is very honest about his beliefs in his About Us section.

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